Reported Cases

Court of Appeal
• Zak Johnson v City of Westminster [2013] EWCA Civ 773, [2013] All ER (D) 259

Establishing limits of Court of Appeal’s powers on Second Appeal. Read the White book update on Johnson.
Read the Nearly Legal Summary Here

• Bernie v Haringey LBC [2013] EWCA Civ 101
Permission refused on second appeal re scope of appeal under s 204 despite arguable case on jurisdiction as would not have altered decision. Read the LAG Summary here.

• Ikpowonba v Haringey LBC [2011] EWCA Civ 1302,
Second Appeal to court of appeal in a s204 challenge to discharge of duty Read the LAG Summary of Ikpowonba here.

High Court

• R (Royful Begum) v London Borough of Newham [2013]

Challenge to removal from Allocation Scheme. Settled after grant of permission

• R(Gayle) v London Borough of Lambeth (1) and Manchester City Council (2) [2013]

Permission granted for Judicial review in disputed local connection case. Settled after grant of permission.

• R (Tout a Tout and Heff) v Haringey LBC [2012] EWHC 873 (Admin), 3 April 2012
Represented both Claimants in challenges to Haringey’s auto-bidding allocation system. Read the Tout-a-tout full report Read the LAG Summary Tout-a-tout

• Re (S) v A Local Authority (unreported) [2011]
Judicial Review of refusal to consider extending accommodation to a person found homeless intentionally, Injunctive relief granted. Judicial review re discharge of duty/ refusal to accept review out of time- meaning of exceptional circumstances- permission granted, settled and contested costs awarded to Claimant. Reporting restriction due to position of C on Witness relocation programme.

• R (Briscoe) v Haringey LBC [2010]
Challenge to interpretation of Allocation Scheme. Settled after permission in week before trial on clear position emerging in new allocations policy.

• R (on the application of Shergill) v Harrow Crown Court [2005] All ER (D) 39 (Apr)
Any decision by a Crown Court judge to refuse bail before trial was amenable to judicial review. The court gave guidance on bringing such applications for judicial review and commented that it was essential that the reasons of a Crown Court judge for refusing bail should be recorded. An oral hearing should be granted within 48 hours. The Case remains an authoroty on the Jurisdiction of the the High Court in Crimminal Cases. Read the All England Digest of this case here.