“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War 6thC B.C.E


After 16 years as a Barrister Richard has no illusions about the nature of litigation. Entertaining and remunerative for lawyers, costly in both financial and human terms for clients. Litigation should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.


Richard has had a varied and interesting practice beginning in a large common law set where he practiced in areas as diverse as family, immigration, mental health, special educational needs and community care before focusing his career on Public Law, land and trusts law and commercial work, including construction. He is currently Head of Chambers at a modern niche set based in Fetter Lane.
This broad legal background informs his approach as a mediator, whilst never offering advice he is able to reality test a party’s proposal from a position of knowledge.

Although a barrister Richard is Direct Public Access Qualified and having spent some years working in the social welfare legal fields has an easy and informal manner which most clients find reassuring.

As well as his mediation practice Richard continues to practice as a barrister and is a Member of the Chartered institute of Arbitrators in the Arbitration field. He has international experience having worked with advocates and solicitors in Malaysia and Ireland and continues to advise a firm of Italian Lawyers on aspects of English Law.
He is also the founder of a training company that has contracts with the BBC and engineering firms.


Richard is available for Civil and Commercial mediations and expert determinations in all areas of Civil and Commercial Law. He has particular expertise in Construction, Regulatory and Local Government and Land, Leases and Trusts.

To instruct Richard as a Mediator, Expert or Barrister call 020 3291 1215 or complete the contact form.